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22-Dec-2017 16:49

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This means other people, no matter how difficult, need to back off when you need them to back off. There may be some instances when you would let other people walk all over you, simply because you don’t want to cause a fuss. And no matter how high up in the social ladder other people are, they shouldn’t tread all over you.

It’s true that some people may not realize that they’re stomping on your dignity, but that’s exactly why you need to learn to set boundaries with them. Many people just want to be treated nicely, some need more alone time, others need coworkers that don’t pry into their personal lives, and so on.

They make it possible for us to separate our own thoughts and feelings from those of others and to take responsibility for what we think, feel and do.

Everyone knows at least one person they simply don’t mesh well with, whether it’s a family member, coworker, or an ex.

And as important as all of that, see if that person is a person that you would like spending time with if there were no romance at all.

That is the one true measure of a friend, a person with whom you like to spend time, having no regard to how you are spending it. And that, long-term, requires character, and in the deepest of friendships, shared values as well.

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One feature of a healthy sense of self is the way we understand and work with boundaries.

You would want your best friends to be honest, faithful, deep, spiritual, responsible, connecting, growing, loving, and the like.