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13-Feb-2018 19:26

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He’d told his lady friend that some of his friends were coming to meet the two of them.What he tell her is that our group of friends is very loud, at times a little vulgar, and we talk very, very fast.I cannot imagine spending weeks sequestered in my house, just venturing out for food and work. That Christmas (3 month mark), I took the plunge and brought him to my place to meet my sisters and friends at a holiday party.It was then I realised that he was an antisocial being.Ask yourself why you want to introduce your date to your friends. We're all human, and we all like the validation that a friend's support can provide, but if those are your reasons for wanting to introduce your date to your friends, you may want to think again.If, on the other hand, you want to introduce your date to your friends because you enjoy spending with them and want to bring your date into the fold, then go for it.

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Recently, my friend Tony sent a group text inviting our gang to meet up for drinks with him and a girl he’d been out with a couple times.Granted, I was cocooned in the honeymoon stage for the first few weeks, but after that…I still didn’t meet any of his friends.I’m a social person and social interactions are part and parcel of my makeup.My friends are super cool, and my sisters very friendly, yet they couldn’t get him to interact with them.

We didn’t even spend an hour at the party, and he insisted we leave soon after we got there. If your man hasn’t introduced you to any of your friends and you are past the honeymoon stage, I would say that in itself is a red flag.A good guy friend of mine told me it’s really important that his dates meet his friends because he “finds girls much more attractive” when his friends like them.

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