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30-Jan-2018 03:05

They tracked the IP address to Aurora and matched up the personal information with what we already know about Holmes.UPDATE #3 – 07/21/12: Watch the report from CNN: to corroborate that user “Classic Jimbo” is indeed Holmes for several reasons: 1) The page indicates this user is a 24-year-old male and is roughly 6’0″ in height. 2) The username “Classic Jimbo” includes Jim, which is a common short-hand for James. 4) The user is a “Gold” member, which seems to mean he could not have signed up just today (if this were a Reddit hoax).The frustrating thing is - people do not commonly have spare time for such thing.Perhaps the lack of time is primary reason why people are going deeper into the web looking for fresh bonds.

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ALSO SEE: Norway Massacre: The Killer's Mind and Massacre at Virginia Tech.UPDATE – 07/20/12: Mediaite has learned that law enforcement are investigating the Adult Friend Finder page to determine its authenticity.