Dating gibson ebo bass

08-Sep-2017 10:47

The EB-2 was the bass equivalent of the ES335/345/355, and it was common to see whole bands with these beautiful instruments.

Unfortunately, as amps got louder, so did the feedback from semi acoustic basses, and these were discontinued.

The antennae of many guitar collectors/enthusiasts pop up when they encounter a Gibson-made instrument bearing a six-digit serial number with “Made In The USA” embossed on the back of its headstock.

Original tuners and hard flight case (with one broken latch). It’s very possible that this bass started life as an EB-0 then had the bridge pickup and pickup selector switch added at a later date.1969 Gibson EB0 / EB3 bass – They call the colour of this bass walnut, although it’s a solid mahogany SG-shaped body.This 1969 Gibson EBO bass has plenty of player wear, with a graze on the back and scuffing at the edges on the lower bout.SERIAL NUMBER: 67913 DATE: NO FACTORY ORDER NUMBER The serial number relates to 1968/69, but this is a poor era for accurate dating at times – this instrument is probably more likely circa mid 60’s based on the production run.

Minimal checking and belt marks, a beautifully aged instrument.

Gibson introduced its first solidbody bass guitar in 1953.

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