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28-Jan-2018 14:24

His reps claim she will doctor the messages to make them appear to be new.

She’s been married three times—briefly in 1999 to model and actor Ojani Noa and in 2001 to dancer Cris Judd, who appeared in one of Jennifer’s videos.

So with that in mind we'll be taking notes from Renee and opting for an LBD with a mighty twist.

Check out the lookalike options from the high street we've lined up for you below.

According to, the ex has been demanding larger amounts of money and when Alex refused once again, the ex demanded he pay her 0,000 or she would shop their private text messages to the highest bidder.

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TMZ reports that Lopez is fully aware of the situation and stands by her man as she has been in a similar position in the past.Lo, is an American singer, actress, dancer and fashion designer.