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14-Sep-2017 00:03

The findings are particularly troubling to Japan as it means the country’s birthrate is unlikely to rebound anytime soon and more people will resort to nursing- and health-care services when they get older as they have no spouse or child they can turn to for such care.Watch: searching for love and marriage in modern Japan The new report by the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research showed the proportion of those who had never married by age 50 hit a record 23.37 per cent for men, up 3.23 percentage points from the previous survey in 2010, and a record 14.06 per cent for women, up 3.45 points.Japan is a place where traditions and the present harmonize with each other.It is a developed country with a high level of life.Patrick Boehler has published on China and Southeast Asia in four languages for publications in the US, Europe and Asia.

The Chinese people “should be less blind and think more carefully” when looking at the drawings of the robotic cat and its human friends, the paper said.

He holds a doctorate in political science and has taught journalism at the University of Hong Kong.