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16-Oct-2017 14:02

You can mourn the invisible, yearn for feelings you’ve never felt. With no stopgap to make a dreadful year bearable, some years can be just 51 weeks of filler and then EVERYTHING happens in eight days, with my birthday, Christmas and New Year pummelling me mercilessly before leaving me dejected and bruised, facing January alone. As my birthday happens when people are away working on their holiday weight, it’s generally forgotten I have them, ergo I don’t age.

They say you never miss what you’ve never had, but that is NONSENSE. A day I can never be where I’d like to be, celebrating it how I’d like. I’m saved the embarrassment of people accepting invitations then not materialising.

Three years ago I asked out this girl I had a crush on in college but I asked her out over email, then in person, got the I’m busy, I didn’t know till later that “busy” means no.

I admit I needed better game, I could have dressed better, should have been slimmer, probably creeped her out but I went through 5 stages of grief with ongoing periods or regret, resentment and bitterness.

I know electronic communication is not typically the best way to address conflict, but, as a writer, I felt it was my best opportunity to clearly articulate my thoughts and concerns.

So I sat down with my laptop to retaliate—I mean, reply.

What are some examples of how this manifests in a relationship?

Don't try to apply logic to their personality change. The bitterness is an emotional response, not a logical one. Always date, marry, bang, younger - you'll never have that problem. Quintus said it best: "Once broken or corrupted, women do not heal." If a woman is bitter enough that it shows in her day to day behavior, avoid her. Bitter women despise anyone who is happy or doing well for themselves.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that 18 months of negative thinking had obscured my ability to see any of my friend’s positive qualities.

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